Terms of cooperation with the client-employer

f you need a help in finding a reliable and efficient assistants for housekeeping and children care and education , you can just make a call to our Agency or fill out the on – line form on our website. Previously please carefully think over all requirements to domestic personnel:

  1. Describe the person you would like to hire in terms of his/her morally-psychological traits, professional background, knowledge,
    appearance, age, education, working experience.
  2. Define exact working schedule (working days, holidays, and vacations), number of hours and working days per week .

After receiving your request, the Agency will invite you to get acquainted, to sign a cooperation agreement, and after that searching of desired candidate will start.

Client-employer application form


Whom to invite to work: (mark a necessary option)



Housekeeping personnel


For which term Number of working days per week
Number of working hours per day Period of the day

Requirements to the candidate

Pedagogical education

Knowledge of foreign languages

Knowledge of etiquette

Cooking skills

Good manners



Working experience in this field of __ years

Being a parent

Computer skills

Knowledge of education methods

Ability to travel together with a child

Ability to meet a child from school or kindergarten

Your options

Child’s personal qualities

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