Search and selection of domestic staff

Our life day by day becomes more saturated with various affairs and there comes the moment when we faces with understanding that we’re not able to cope with our domestic and parental responsibilities and duties in a proper way. One of the helping options in this situation is close relatives who will share with us some of our commitments. But anyway very often we remain alone with whole avalanche of everyday deals and problems that we are trying to solve by ourselves. Just in such moments Agency Berehynia comes to help.
Highly qualified specialists of our Agency, using big number of individual approaches and measures, provide a very careful selection of domestic personnel such as:  
Housekeeping personnel;

A person who contacts any agency to find domestic personnel definitely expects certain result – high professionalism, trust and safety of proposed candidate. Taking into consideration all these factors, Agency Berehynia held with each candidate special psychological testing and extended interview with Agency’s psychologist. These methods make it possible to identify hidden forms of aggression, depression,
inadequate behavior for critics, falsity, propensity to theft and other mental and emotional ejections.
For each person there are three most important things in life – HOME, FAMILY, CHILDREN.
That is why Agency Berehynia will do everything possible to help you find the true helpers
in home affairs, care of children and their education.

Agency Berehynia will save your family comfort!

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