Pros and cons of different methods in domestic personnel selection:

Method №1. Among friends, relatives or friends’ recommendations.


This method requires no any financial expenses for domestic personnel search and selection. In most cases you or people close to you are well aware about candidate, his/her abilities, habits, traits, marital status, home address and so on.



There is more difficult to discuss with relatives

and friends such points as salary, requirements

and quality of work, presence of recommendations

and medical references;

2. You risk to spoil relationships both with friends

or with relatives after you would take a decision

to dismiss such an employees

for improper accomplishment of their duties;

Such a method of domestic personnel

selection makes it impossible to determine

candidate’s psycho-emotional state

and professional background.

Method №2. Private announcements in

newspapers and on-line.


This method doesn’t require any

financial investments.


Spend personal time for search;

There is not possible to determine candidate’s professional background and psycho-emotional

characteristics, level of trust and safety.

Method №3. Agencies of domestic personnel recruiting.


1. Saving your time;

2. Careful examination of professional background, mental indicators, recommendations, medical references;

3. Bilateral agreement on the obligations and responsibilities conclusion;

4. Free replacements in case of dismissal previous employee.


Payment for the services of the Agency for search and selection

When choosing the method of domestic personnel selection it is very important to avoid all possible risks associated with this process, because the cost of such a mistake may be very high, especially what is concerning caring of your CHILDREN. Safety is about all!

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