Agency of good offices “Berehynia”

Agency of good offices Berehynia is the agency which aims to provide a complex of variety services that nowadays became popular and necessary for many of us. Agency’s core directions:
Domestic personnel search and selection; Running trainings, workshops and master-classes for domestic personnel;
Running master classes for parents with aim to understand their children better and to define their individual abilities.


1. Who do you think is better able to care for your child while you are busy or at work?


Specialist in Education

2. What special skills and knowledge your nanny/governess should own for your children care and education?

Age psychology

First aid

Behavior ethics

Your option

3.Should your nanny/governess own the computer skills?



Not necessarily

4. In that school, in your opinion, should be given to your child?


depth study of foreign languages

a private school where each child picked up an individual approach and laid the basis for studying the development of a comprehensive moral, physical, creative and intellectual abilities

5. Would you like your child to attend school with individual approach and integrated development of moral, physical, creative and intellectual capabilities?



Not necessarily

6. Would you like to learn how to detect special abilities and genius inclinations of your child?


For advice and further information about the Agency’s methods of work, leave your details and we will contact you

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